Are you A Grinch?

For many people, Christmas is ‘The Most Wonderful Time of the Year’, but for many, it is a season filled with anxiety and depression.

Being a Grinch can be handy to hide the real reasons for not liking Christmas. For many people, it is a stressful, scary or lonely time. Memories spring to life and suppressed feelings emerge when sitting at home during the dark evenings and watching others enjoying this season. Lights are lit on the houses, the shops are full of decorations and adverts instruct you to buy, buy and buy some more. Some people feel that they are expected to have fun, but their anxious, depressed, lonely self wants to escape from it all. Being unable to say no to all the obligations can lead to feeling overwhelmed and guilty for letting others down.

Please be considerate when somebody does not enjoy the festive season, try to understand what is behind the Grinch facade.

And if YOU are feeling low, please don’t forget, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

If you wish to talk about your feelings, click on our website and we can support you.

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