Turn your lonely and sad Christmas into a meaningful one


This time of the year friends, family, colleagues, people in shops, literally everybody is talking about Christmas. They say it`s hectic, they are running from one place to another, they wish they could just stay at home, they wish the meeting with the in-laws runs smoothly.

And there are the silently smiling people, who wish that their lives were hectic if they had to rush around doing last-minute shopping. Christmas is not at all merry and bright for everyone. Many people feel sad and lonely at Christmas. Christmas can be a reminder of our lost ones, the ones who should be with us but who aren`t with us any more. Christmas is an excellent reminder of our past Christmases, good and bad, childhood memories, memories about our children being young and happy around the Christmas tree. And when a lonely tear slides down your cheek, you know that you have to bear another Christmas, alone. You decide to go for a walk, the streets are empty and Christmas lights twitter on every house, and you soon find yourself rushing home. You crawl into your bed and let the silence embrace you.

You look at others` Christmas party photos on social media, and it isolates you even more because you are not part of it. You feel unwanted, unloved and uncared for.

You are not alone with your feelings! We live in a lonely world. There are many of you out there, silently waiting for the phone to ring or a knock on the door.

Try to think of the good things you have. For some, a roof over their head would be their wish come true. Think of how YOU can help, HOW YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Use your loneliness to find a way to help others. Find a way to cheer somebody else up. And as you do so, feel your sadness disappear from your chest while giving space for joy. Making someone feel happy, will make you feel important and content as well. Ask around and find out if your help is needed anywhere and make the most of your Christmas! Embrace the true spirit of Christmas, turn your heart to something bigger than you, find the true values by helping others this Christmas.

Start with your loved ones, your relatives and hear their silent cries! Open your eyes and really look around you, ask people about their plans and offer them your friendship and your care. Christmas is about opening our heart and finding a way to show our love.

Photo by Wout Vanacker on Unsplash

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