Empty Nest?

How quickly the years have flown by. You`ve just taught them to do their shoelaces. And all of a sudden, the house is empty. 

Photo by Allan Mas from Pexels

You were in the centre of their lives for years, and now they are off. You want to be involved again in their lives, guide their decision, protect them from danger and helping them navigate the twisting road of life, but they do as you taught them, live independently. So you feel proud and broken at the same time. 

There is such an intensity about parenting that it’s no wonder we are crying, hugging their own teddies. Losing the daily contact and continuous presence of our children can feel like a bereavement.

Don`t forget, they still need you! Maybe in a different way, but they still need your guidance and help from time to time. They are trying their wings and everything you taught them. They will turn up for a Sunday lunch, call you when they buy their first car or ask your advice. They need you in a different way once they have moved out. Like all relationships, this one is also changing and developing.

How can you survive?


Think of all those things that you would like to do. Find those old hobbies, do up the house, call that old friend. 


Create new habits and routines to fill the time with things you enjoy (and maybe missed). You can learn new things, join some groups, take up more exercise. Do anything that makes your mind occupied in a healthy, enjoyable way.


Tell your children how important it is to you to have regular contact with them but reassure them that you don’t want to hold them back or make them feel guilty for enjoying their independence.

The future

Your life`s not ended. Live! Find out how you can make the most out of your days! 

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