Quit smoking forever, don`t wait, do it today!

Does it feel like a huge challenge?

It does not have to be. There are many methods for stopping smoking, you can go cold turkey, ask your GP, or use patches or acupuncture, but there is a reason why there is attention on hypnosis.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis uses your altered, relaxed or meditative state and uses suggestions and the power of your own mind to achieve the changes you want.

Your therapist gives you suggestions based on your goals whilst you are in a highly focused state, so you are more open to understanding your own thoughts.

Will hypnosis work?

Yes, you can put it down… that’s right

If quitting is not what you want, it won`t work. You are always in control of your inner world; you won`t stop just because I tell you. You will quit if this goal comes from you, not your parents, partner, friends, me or somebody else.

Benefits of hypnosis for stopping smoking

Hypnosis can help with the following:

  • lessen your desire to smoke
  • strengthen the desire to quit
  • help you focus on your stop-smoking plan

Hypnosis may help reinforce other things you’re doing to quit, such as introducing more healthy choices in your life.

What hypnosis for smoking cessation looks like?

On your first visit, you’ll talk about your smoking habits, your desire to change, and what you’ve tried so far, and we`ll come up with a plan that you can do along with hypnosis.

Then, your therapist helps you to achieve a relaxed state and asks you to imagine things and take on suggestions for positive change.

Go to your hypnotherapy sessions with an open mind, patience and determination to live your life as a non-smoker.  And, that“`s it! There is no right or wrong way to experience this. The only thing you have to do is, go to your hypnotherapy session with an open mind, patience anding determination to live your life as a non-smoker.  

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