Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone be hypnotised?
Yes, because all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. However, some people reach deeper states of hypnosis than others. Everyone experiences the hypnotic state in a different way. Some people think they cannot be hypnotised, and that is true if they do not wish to be hypnotised. The hypnotic state is a naturally occurring state that you enter on a daily basis, e.g you are driving to work on a daily basis, but when you arrive at your workplace, you do not remember every corner you took and every tree you passed. You were driving in a light hypnotic trance when your subconscious took control of getting you there.

How will I know that I have been in hypnosis?
There is no hypnotised feeling, most people report feeling incredibly relaxed and peaceful.

Will I wake up?
Yes, you will not be asleep, just comfortably relaxed. It is similar to coming round after daydreaming.

Can I be controlled?
No, you are always in control.

Will I remember everything?

Can you treat children?  No. For children, please find a therapist who specialises in working with children.

Can I have a chaperone with me? Please do not bring a chaperone, I can offer you a safe environment where you can talk about anything freely. For more information about this, please read my Confidentiality Agreement.

What if I can’t relax?
You don’t have to relax to enter the hypnotic state, but it makes it a more pleasant and enjoyable experience. I will show you how to relax completely and you will be able to achieve it after practising for a couple of sessions.

How many sessions will I need?
It varies, depending on your problem, your goals and your personality. For some people one or two sessions are enough, others with more deep-rooted problems may require lengthy treatment. This is one of the things that can be discussed in detail.

Are you qualified?
Yes. I am a registered Hypno-psychotherapist. I trained at the UKCP registered National College of Hypno-Psychotherapy, and I had further training in CBT, Insomnia and Hypnobirthing. I am registered with IAHT (International Alliance of Holistic Therapists), National Society of Talking Therapies (NSTT) and I am a UKCP trainee member, working towards my full membership. I work under clinical supervision. For more information about my qualifications, please check out my certificates.

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