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Urmston Hypnotherapy was one of the first businesses in the UK to pledge as a Trans-friendly business. It means that we offer you a non-judgmental environment where you can be yourself.

Here is our Trans-friendly pledge:


We will not judge you!


We will treat trans and non-binary customers with dignity and respect – always using their preferred names and pronouns and apologising where we get it wrong. For online retailers, this means offering pronoun options that span beyond Mr and Mrs and considering non-binary customers when requesting gender details.


We will provide undergo training and development to make sure they are equipped and ready to serve trans and non-binary people. We’re not perfect, but if something goes wrong we’ll listen to our trans and non-binary customers and work to resolve the issue for them as quickly as possible. We won’t tolerate transphobic behaviour by our staff.


We will make it as easy as legally possible for customers to change their name and gender. We will not add unnecessary barriers or obstructions, and where possible we will work towards making it possible to change name and gender records online or through self-service, rather than requiring a letter, a phone call or a visit to one of our locations.


We will stand up for our transgender and non-binary clients and our commitment to the TransFriendly pledge. If another customer complains or comments about the presence of a transgender or non-binary person, we will outline our commitment to the TransFriendly pledge and work to educate our customers. We will never discriminate against a trans client because someone asks us to.


We recognize the unique challenges that transgender and non-binary clients may face in accessing our services and will work with our transgender and non-binary customers to access our services as easily as possible. For example, we can provide a private parking spot to help transgender clients if they desire.


We welcome enquiries from transgender and non-binary people and will always allow them to express their gender identity freely. We’ll work with transgender and non-binary employee to use a name they’re comfortable with.


We welcome feedback from our transgender and non-binary clients to help us improve the services that we provide to them. Feedback can be made directly to us.

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