How hypnotherapy can relieve menopausal symptoms

Hypnotherapy helps you to take control of your body. We aim to reduce your symptoms of anxiety and hot flashes as a first step. We use relaxation techniques to help you overcome the everyday stress of going through the change.

Furthermore, I can support you on an emotional level. Some women struggle to feel their body going through this change, they are overwhelmed with emotions and often feel anxious or low. 

I can show you some breathing techniques that can be very effective at switching off anxiety. Breathing can turn off the stress response and take the edge off the experience. 

We will mentally practice how to overcome some unpleasant symptoms such as hot flashes. We will use your mind to help you find a natural relief while you are physically relaxing.

The effect of hypnosis becomes stronger as we keep practising it. Soon enough, you will be able to help yourself and relax your nerves wherever you are. 

Learning self-hypnosis or relaxation will help you sleep better, then you will have more energy for the day. 

Don`t suffer in silence. Let`s talk about what you are going through.

Please don`t forget that you are not alone!

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