Sports performance boosting

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Therapy for improving your sports performance

You are here because you want to give your best in sports! It means that you are really taking it seriously, but there might have some self-doubting thoughts lingering.

Training and exercising well is not just about the body. While coaches typically focus on the physical side of sports, we can focus on your mind. Both body and mind have to be there to achieve your best. We can help you overcome problems, enhance your performance, and achieve your goals.

Psychotherapy for motivation, self-confidence and eliminating self-limiting beliefs

You don`t have to be a professional to use psychotherapy for boosting your performance; it is suitable for beginners too. Why? Because we deal with your self-limiting demons. We support you to face your fears.

How can hypnosis help with your sports performance?

By putting you in the “zone”. You have probably heard from professional athletes that they only focus on whatever they are doing, they are 100% present and focus on the goal. Hypnotherapy teaches you relaxation, slowed breathing and enhanced receptivity to suggestions. “Being in the zone” is paramount. Sounds a bit mystical? Not really.

Let`s demystify the “zone”

The “zone” is a natural state of trance when your attention is solely focused on what you are doing. It`s a mental focus, concentration and visualization. When we are doing a hypnosis session, we use a deeply relaxed state to do mental training that can complement and boost your physical exercise. It also helps with your confidence, consistency and improving your technical abilities.

Your mental health is paramount to compete or stick to your exercise routine.

Who can benefit from hypnosis for sports performance?

  • Beginners who are scared.
  • Anybody who wants to stick to their routine.
  • Sportsmen getting ready for competitions.

Mental health and relaxation are paramount to achieve your best.

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