Psychotherapy and talking therapies

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a form of talking therapy. It means that you can freely talk about your emotional problems and mental health issues in a non-judgemental environment. We can talk about things that really matter to you. The sessions are confidential; you can talk about something that you might not be comfortable to discuss with anyone else. Therapy allows you to gain a more in-depth insight into your issues. 

We will aim to find you some ways to cope with your difficulties or support you on your emotional journey. Our goal is to help you with managing stress, understanding your behaviour patterns that might interfere with reaching your personal objectives, relationships and responses to stressful situations.

Psychotherapy can be a few sessions only or long-term, depending on the issue. Psychotherapy focuses on a broad range of problems such as anxiety, depression, addictions and phobias. 

Psychotherapy is not only for people diagnosed with a mental illness. 

Psychotherapy can help with everyday stress and conflicts.

You might find it helpful if you want to 

  • Resolve conflicts
  • Relieve anxiety or stress
  • Cope with significant life changes
  • Learn to manage an unhealthy reaction
  • Sleep better

The underlying principle is that the patterns of thinking and behaviour affect the way that people interact with the world. We will aim to bring about changes in your response, thinking patterns, habits or improve your mental and emotional well-being.

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