Exams and Anxiety

With exam season starting, many students (and parents) experience anxiety. The GCSEs exams are long; A Levels, B and C techs go faster. But, soon, it will be done; you can rest and enjoy the summer.

However, managing anxiety whilst doing the exams can be difficult. First, it can present as an overwhelming feeling that stops you from revising, and then the vicious circle starts; you are less prepared and more anxious, and the exam itself can cause panic.

You must address your anxiety and manage it. You can learn some anxiety management techniques and strategies. 

The following steps can help you to overcome your anxiety

Understanding the anxiety, make sense of what this anxiety means, the causes, and the bodily symptoms and write down what you are experiencing. Communicating your feelings is helpful too. 

1. Breathe

The first and most common anxiety symptom is that you cannot breathe. Close your eyes and consciously focus on your breathing. Try to breathe slowly and deeply until you restore a calmer rhythm. 

2. Stay present 

Anxiety means that your thoughts are racing towards the future. Bring them back to the present: what you need to do now. Focus on the next 5-10 minutes only. Take your book, don`t worry about how long it is, just revise one chapter. One step at a time. Focus on writing; hold your pen for a moment and feel it in your hands.

3. The anxiety will go faster if you don`t fight it.

The discomfort and the unpleasant bodily reactions will cease after a few minutes. Keep breathing, and it will go. Know that it will pass. This can often feel peaceful and empowering. It is like you’re sitting in the wave, and the tide will go.

4. Anxiety during the exam

You are very time-limited, so as soon as you enter the exam, try to become present. Look around you, notice some details of the room, feel the chair under you; it supports you, put your hand on the desk and imagine all the bad energies flowing into it. Now hold your pen, and imagine all the calming, positive energies flowing into your pen and the hand that`s holding the pen. 

Remember, you are great, worthy, and loved, no matter how the exams go.

So try to enjoy the process!

Good luck!

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