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When looking for a therapist, you are faced with different choices, person-centred, psychoanalyst, CBT, Gestalt, and nearly 500 therapeutic theories to find what will work best? 

What kind of therapy do you receive at Urmston Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy?

We offer integrative therapy, combining methods from various schools based on your needs. 

What is integrative therapy?

Integrative therapy is a flexible form of psychotherapy in which the exact method is tailored individually to you. It is a pragmatic, solution-based approach which combines different therapeutic tools and techniques to fit your needs.

Suppose you are facing a general sense of unease, unhappiness, low self-confidence or self-esteem, anxiety or depression.

In that case, one idea might be to look for someone with a broader range of skills and approaches, which puts them in a better position to tackle a wide range of problems. That being said, integrative therapy has also proved to be very helpful for more specific or longer-term issues, from relationships, grief and anger management to trauma or habits or addictions. We can also explore topics such as self-esteem, unfinished business, negative automatic thoughts and defence mechanisms like denial, projection, avoidance or self-sabotage. 

It brings together a person’s emotional, cognitive, behavioural and physiological systems while also considering the social and transpersonal aspects of their lives. It can draw on a wide range of approaches, including but not limited to psychdynamic, psychoanalytical psychology, client-centred counselling, CBT, family therapy, mindfulness and hypnotherapy.

Integrative therapy is the way forward if you are unsure what type of therapy you want. 

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